The Saline Group

The Saline Group

pic-2This group has been teeing off at The Village Golf Club for over a decade and is facilitated by the commish’ Jay Saline.

Tee times for this group are Wednesday & Friday at 11:15 am and Sunday at 7:15 am (you need not attend every time, just days you feel like competing). See *Notes at bottom of this page for joining and prize breakdown.

Standard greens fee apply and a $10.00 entry for the event. all of which is paid out at the end of play in the 19th hole while the guys all banter about the good and bad breaks of the day.

The format is a modified Stableford

Definition: Modified Stableford is a Stableford competition whose rules have been modified.

OK, that was glib. Here’s a real definition: A Stableford competition employs a points system that is set forth in the Rules of Golf under Rule 32. The Modified Stableford scoring system employs the same principle – golfers are awarded points based on their performance on each hole, with the highest point total winning – but with a different set of points than what is described in the rulebook.

A Modified Stableford scoring system typically awards more points for a great score on a hole compared to the rulebook definition of Stableford, while also including greater penalties (in the form of point reductions) for bad holes.

Modified Stableford is better known than Stableford because a former PGA Tour event, The International, was played using Modified Stableford. The point system for “The Saline Group” are as follows:

• Double Eagle: 5 points
• Eagle: 4 points
• Birdie: 3 points
• Par: 2 points
• Bogey: 1 point

*The first time you play your point quota is based on the handy cap you state that you play to. (first time players can only win by +2 of there quota) Your quota for the future is calculated by averaging your best 3 rounds out of last 5 played.

Prize Breakdown

  • $6 out of the $10 entry fee goes to the highest point player of the day ( with more then 10 players 70% goes to 1st place 30% to 2nd place.
  • $ 4 is divided up for closest to the pin on all 4 par 3’s ( so if 20 players each par 3 is worth $20.00.)

When you are ready to join the fun of competitive golf contact the pro shop and put your name on the roster for the Saline Group. Remember the tee times are Wednesday & Friday at 11:15 and Sunday at 7:15

Call (561)793-1400

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