Golf Groups

We are a family here at Village Golf Club in more ways then one. Within our golfing family we have several groups that play regularly every week and are open to and welcome outside play. Here we list the groups, the times they play and give a general description of the games they play. First time players to the group, please call ahead or sign up below.

Tuesday Ladies Day

pic-2Every Tuseaday at 8:20 am the ladies tee off, With a different format each week to keep it interesting ladies day has become a tradition here at Village Golf club. Ladies day starts on November 1st.

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The Saline Group

pic-2This group has been teeing off at The Village Golf Club for over a decade and is facilitated by the commish’ Jay Saline.

Tee times for this group are Wednesday & Friday at 11:15 am and Sunday at 7:15 am (you need not attend every time, just days you feel like competing). See *Notes at bottom of this page for joining and prize breakdown.

Standard greens fee apply and a $10.00 entry for the event. all of which is paid out at the end of play in the 19th hole while the guys all banter about the good and bad breaks of the day.

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Saturday Morning Group


This group was established in1999, moving from another golf course to The Village Golf Club in 2001.

The group plays on Saturday mornings starting at 7:15 on average currently we have anywhere from 12-18 golfers in attendance each meeting. Our handicaps range from a 7 to a 34. All players are welcome. We don’t condone throwing clubs, cheating, becoming verbally abusive or too much complaining.


Those that can also play on Tuesday mornings at 7:10.


Men’s Group

pic-9 This group tees off every Monday , Wednesday & Friday at 7:20 am

They play a two man “Best Ball” format

In a Best Ball tournament, all members of each team play their own balls on each hole. At the completion of the hole, the lowest score among all team members serves as the team score. If there are four members on a team, and on the first hole those four golfers score 4, 7, 6 and 5, the team score is 4, because that is best ball among the four players. When played by 2-person teams at match play, best ball is known as fourball, one of the formats used at the Ryder Cup.